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To the people who argue that racism is somehow not a thing in Britain they burnt down a social club because it was gonna be converted into an Islamic cultural centre for the area in my town. 

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幽白とハンタがコラボした時にありがちなこと by 大羊

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reblog if you are gay or an army of 10,000 skeletons 



i am the latter

i regret this post because every fuckijg straight person who reblogs it feels the need to add a comment like this to avoid anyone thinking even for a second that theyre gay

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"But she did look back, and I love her for that, because it was so human."  - Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five (via versteur)

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when i look at myself in the mirror i feel like one of those really detailed spongebob paintings


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The National Guard deployment being hailed as some kind of positive change is horrifying and I know most of y’all know this but it’s important to remind people that the Guard literally exists as an internal army to fight labor strikes and workers movements in the interest of capital.

What the fuck does this even mean.

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Drake on the set of Nicki Minaj’s new video for single, Anaconda, edits.

I’m upset

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I have been teargassed with the chemicals used commonly by law enforcement and the military while serving in the Army.

Some females in my training regiment said it was worse than giving birth.

Let me tell you, if you believe the Ferguson police actually used the proper escalation of force than you have the wrong amount of faith in law enforcement.

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Yours truly as Hood Link, the Hero of Trill. My first Otakon and first cosplay…and it was EPIC.

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